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Hydraulic pump: the heart of excavator power

  1. Provide hydraulic energy
    Just like the heart provides blood circulation power for the human body, the hydraulic pump provides the power source required for the operation of the excavator. It converts mechanical kinetic energy into hydraulic energy to promote the flow of liquid and press the liquid from one place to another. It compresses the liquid to generate hydraulic force and delivers the liquid to various hydraulic systems of the excavator, including hydraulic Cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc., thereby driving the excavator to perform excavation, tilting, rotation and other actions.
  2. Implement motion control
    The hydraulic pump is the power source of the excavator’s hydraulic system and can control the actions of each hydraulic system of the excavator. By controlling the flow and pressure of the liquid, it regulates various actions of the excavator, including the lifting and lowering of the excavator arm, the opening and closing of the bucket, and the steering of the body, etc., ensuring that the excavator can accurately and stably complete various tasks during operation.
  1. Keep the system stable
    The hydraulic pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability and stability, and can maintain the stable operation of the hydraulic system. It ensures the normal operation of the hydraulic system by providing stable hydraulic pressure and flow output, reducing system failures and downtime caused by unstable pressure or insufficient flow, and improving the working efficiency and reliability of the excavator.
  2. Adapt to various working conditions
    Hydraulic pumps are designed and manufactured through precise processes and rigorous testing. They have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-pollution capabilities, and can adapt to various harsh working environments and high-intensity work tasks. Whether in construction sites, mining or road construction, hydraulic pumps can provide excellent performance and provide reliable guarantee for the normal operation of excavators.

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