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Proudly Providing Quality New/Used Heavy Equipment Parts For Excavators, Bulldozers, Loaders.

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients, if you have other questions, please just send it to

We supply with standard carton box with plastic bags inside.

We have no limit for MOQ, but we can give better price for large orders.

We keep a wide range of products in stock, therefore products that are in stock can be shipped usually in a week. The specific delivery time depends on the order quantity.

For small orders, we generally receive the payment by bank transfer or Wechat payment. For big orders, 70% advanced payment is accepted. It depends on the orders and negotiations.

Yes, all the products passed tests before delivery.
Strict QC factory, at least 4QCs during production, product performance are ensured. We are a strong technical team that can solve problems quickly and able to develop new products.
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