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G.E.T ( Ground Engaging Tools)


Forging bucket teeth & adaptor

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Manufacturers’ names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of the manufacturers.

PC60 PC60 forging bucket tooth
PC100 20X-70-23161 forging bucket tooth
PC100 20X-70-23161RC forging bucket tooth
PC200 205-70-19570 forging bucket tooth
PC200 205-70-19570RC forging bucket tooth
PC200 205-70-19570RC forging bucket tooth
PC200 205-70-19570TL forging bucket tooth
PC300 207-70-14151 forging bucket tooth
PC300 207-70-14151RC forging bucket tooth
PC300 207-70-14151TL forging bucket tooth
PC400 208-70-14152 forging bucket tooth
PC400 208-70-14152RC forging bucket tooth
PC400 208-70-14152TL forging bucket tooth
DH130/150 2713-1221 forging bucket tooth
DH130/150 2713-1221RC forging bucket tooth
DH220 2713-1217 forging bucket tooth
DH220 2713-1217RC forging bucket tooth
DH220 2713-1217RC forging bucket tooth
DH220 2713-1217TL forging bucket tooth
DH300 2713-1219 forging bucket tooth
DH300 2713-1219RC forging bucket tooth
DH300 2713-1219TL forging bucket tooth
DH360/370 2713-0032 forging bucket tooth
DH360/370 2713-0032RC forging bucket tooth
DH360/370 2713-0032TL forging bucket tooth
DH420/500 2713-1236 forging bucket tooth
DH420/500 2713-1236RC forging bucket tooth
R200/VOLVO210 E161-3027/1171-00041 forging bucket tooth
R200/VOLVO210 E161-3027/1171-00041 forging bucket tooth
R200/VOLVO210 E161-3027RC/1171-00041RC forging bucket tooth
R290/DH280 E262-3046RC/2713-9038RC forging bucket tooth
CAT307/EX70 6Y3222 forging bucket tooth
CAT307/EX70 6Y3222RC forging bucket tooth
CAT311/312 1U3252 forging bucket tooth
CAT311/312 IU3252RC forging bucket tooth
CAT315/E200B 1U3302 forging bucket tooth
CAT315/E200B 1U3302RC forging bucket tooth
CAT320/322 IU3352 forging bucket tooth
CAT320/322 1U3352RC forging bucket tooth
CAT320/322 1U3352RC forging bucket tooth
CAT320/322 1U3352TL forging bucket tooth
CAT325/SK350 7T3402/SK350 forging bucket tooth
CAT325/SK350 7T3402RC/SK350RC forging bucket tooth
CAT325/SK350 7T3402TL/SK350TL forging bucket tooth
CAT330 9W8452/1U3452 forging bucket tooth
CAT330 9W8452RC/1U3452RC forging bucket tooth
CAT330 9W8452RC/1U3452TL forging bucket tooth
CAT330(long) 9W8452/1U3452 forging bucket tooth
CAT345 9W8552RC forging bucket tooth
VOLVO210/R290 14530544/117-01371 forging bucket tooth
VOLVO210/R290 14530544RC/117-01371RC forging bucket tooth
VOLVO360/460 14536800/14537843TL forging bucket tooth
VOLVO360/460 14536800/14537843 forging bucket tooth
VOLVO360/460 14536800RC/14537843RC forging bucket tooth
Liugong862 72A0005 forging bucket tooth
Liugong862 72A0339RC forging bucket tooth
XGMA XG50 XG50 forging bucket tooth
JCB 3CX 332-C4388 forging bucket tooth
RS115 RS115 forging bucket tooth
RS225 RS225 forging bucket tooth
RS225 RS225 forging bucket tooth
RS235 RS235 forging bucket tooth
EX100 30S forging bucket tooth
EX200 35S forging bucket tooth
SK200 SK200 forging bucket tooth
SK200 SK200RC forging bucket tooth
SK230 SK230RC forging bucket tooth
D85/D155 175-78-31230 forging bucket tooth
PC100 202-70-12140-25 forging bucket adaptor
PC200 205-939-7120-30 forging bucket adaptor
PC200 205-939-7120-35 forging bucket adaptor
PC200 205-939-7120-40 forging bucket adaptor
PC300 207-939-3120-40 forging bucket adaptor
PC300 207-939-3120-45 forging bucket adaptor
PC300 207-939-3120-50 forging bucket adaptor
PC400 208-939-3120-50 forging bucket adaptor
PC400 208-939-3120-55 forging bucket adaptor
PC400 208-939-3120-60 forging bucket adaptor
DH130/150 2713-1222-30 forging bucket adaptor
DH220 2713-1218-35 forging bucket adaptor
DH220 2713-1218-40 forging bucket adaptor
DH300 2713-1220-40 forging bucket adaptor
DH300 2713-1220-45 forging bucket adaptor
DH360/370 2713-0033-45 forging bucket adaptor
DH360/370 2713-0033-50 forging bucket adaptor
DH360/370 2713-0033-55 forging bucket adaptor
DH420/500 2713-1273/K9005354-50 forging bucket adaptor
DH420/500 2713-1273/K9005354-55 forging bucket adaptor
DH420/500 2713-1273/K9005354-60 forging bucket adaptor
CAT311/312 3G6109/6Y3254-30 forging bucket adaptor
CAT315/E200B 3G6304/9W1304-30 forging bucket adaptor
CAT315/E200B 3G6304/9W1304-35 forging bucket adaptor
CAT320/322 3G8354/6I6354-40 forging bucket adaptor
CAT325/SK350 6I6404/SK350-50 forging bucket adaptor
CAT330 6I6464-50 forging bucket adaptor
CAT330 6I6464-55 forging bucket adaptor
CAT330 6I6464-60 forging bucket adaptor
VOLVO EC210 117101620-40 forging bucket adaptor
Liugong 862 LG50-40 forging bucket adaptor
SK200 SK200-35 forging bucket adaptor

9W1875 end bit LH
9W1875 end bit,R.H
9W1876 end bit LH
9W1876 end bit,L.H
9W6198 end bit LH
9W6198 end bit,L.H
9W6199 end bit LH
9W6199 end bit,R.H
9W8874 end bit R/H
9W8874 end bit, RH
9W8875 end bit,L.H
9W9014 end bit,L.H
9W9015 end bit,R.H
9W9794 BLADE
9W9795 BLADE
195-71-11654 cutting edge
195-71-11173 end bitS
195-71-11183 end bitS
9W6192 end bitS
9W6193 end bitS
7T9125 cutting edge
7T5702 cutting edge
4T2988 C/EDGE 25*254*1034
7D1158 C/EDGE 16*203*2133.2
5D9554 C/EDGE 16*152*2133.2
175-70-26310 C/EDGE 25*254*1064
5D9556 G/BLADE 3/4″*6″*6′(13#5/8″)
5D9557 G/BLADE 3/4″*6″*7′(15#5/8″)
5D9558 G/BLADE 3/4″*8″*6′(13#5/8″)
5D9559 G/BLADE 3/4″*8″*7′(15#5/8″)
5D9553 G/BLADE 5/8″*6″*6′(13#5/8″)
5D9554 G/BLADE 5/8″*6″*7′(15#5/8″)
4T2233 G/BLADE 1″*8″*7′(15#3/4″)
4T2244 G/BLADE 1″*8″*6′(13#5/8″)
7D1158 G/BLADE 5/8″*8″*7′(15#3/4″)
12F-70-31261 16*152*914
12F-70-31281 16*152*1219
5J6888 19*254*1063
4T2948 254*20*1062
4T2992 25*254*758
4T2989 254*25*1062
7T5702 35*330*1787.4
7T9125 35*330*803
130-70-41130 19*203*1350
130-920-2180 19*203*1199
144-70-11131 20*203*1660
144-920-1120 20*203*1382
154-70-11314 25*254*1156
175-70-26310 25*254*1062
195-71-61550 40*406*887
195-71-11654 35*330*1064
198-72-11181 40*406*862
195-70-12492 30*330*1327
17A-71-11351 35*330*764
17M-71-21550 35*330*1090
6J1406 203*20*1520
3G8297 end bit 25 THICKNESS
3G8298 end bit 25 THICKNESS
3G8315 end bit 30 THICKNESS
3G8316 end bit 30 THICKNESS
3G8319 end bit 25 THICKNESS
3G8320 end bit 25 THICKNESS
5J8767 end bit 30 THICKNESS
5J8768 end bit 30 THICKNESS
11G-71-31170 end bit 16 THICKNESS
140-70-11170 end bit 25 THICKNESS
140-70-11180 end bit 25 THICKNESS
150-70-21346 end bit 30 THICKNESS
150-70-21356 end bit 30 THICKNESS
175-71-22272 end bit 38 THICKNESS
175-71-22282 end bit 38 THICKNESS
4T6505 end bit 25 THICKNESS
4T6506 end bit 25 THICKNESS
9W6194 end bit 45 THICKNESS
9W6195 end bit 45 THICKNESS
195-71-61930 end bit 50 THICKNESS
195-71-61940 end bit 50 THICKNESS
5J6849 cutting edge
144-871-5130 cutting edge
6W2987 cutting edge LOADER
6W2989 cutting edge LOADER
205-70-74180 SIDE CUTTER
205-70-74190 SIDE CUTTER
9J3862 MG
4T2231 MG
9W6608 cutting edge
9W6609 cutting edge
125-0800 SIDE CUTTER
HS175-140 bucket heel shroud
HS230-190 bucket heel shroud
HS140-110 bucket heel shroud
WB60 wear button
WB75 wear button
WB90 wear button
WB115 wear button
WB150 wear button
CB25 chocky bar
CB40 chocky bar
CB50 chocky bar
CB65 chocky bar
CB100 chocky bar
HZ-50-150-30 bucket lip shroud
HZ-70-250-30 bucket lip shroud
HZ-90-360-30 bucket lip shroud

14X-71-11310 cutting edge
144-70-11251 end bit
144-70-11261 end bit
150-70-21346 end bit
150-70-21356 end bit
154-81-11191 cutting edge
154-70-11314 cutting edge
175-71-22272 end bit
175-71-22282 end bit
175-70-26310 cutting edge
8E4539 end bit
8E4540 end bit
9W7043 cutting edge
9W3927 cutting edge
14Y-71-11210 cutting edge
17M-71-21930 end bit
17M-71-21940 end bit
17M-71-21550 cutting edge
17A-71-11351 cutting edge
195-70-12492 cutting edge
198-71-11181 cutting edge
195-71-61930 end bit
195-71-61940 end bit
198-72-11181 cutting edge
195-71-61550 cutting edge
9W1878 cutting edge
6J0276 end bit
6J0275 end bit
4T3010 cutting edge
4T3013 cutting edge
9W6199 end bit
9W6198 end bit
7T6589 cutting edge
195-71-11173 end bit
195-71-11183 end bit
195-71-11654 cutting edge
8E4196 end bit
8E4197 end bit
7T5702 cutting edge
7T9125 cutting edge
5D9558 cutting edge
5D9559 cutting edge
9W8215 cutting edge
112946A1 cutting edge
T150517 cutting edge
7T9125 cutting edge
4T2242 cutting edge
4T6699 cutting edge
D145681 cutting edge
5D9554 cutting edge
5D9553 cutting edge
7T9126 cutting edge
6D1948 end bits
7D2052 end bits
8E4193 end bits
3G8316 end bits
3G8315 end bits
8E4194 end bits
8E5531 end bits
6D1904 end bits
140-70-11170 end bits
140-70-11180 end bits
3G8292 end bit LH
3G8293 end bit, RH
3G8294 end bit LH
4T2921 cutting edge
4T2922 cutting edge
4T3009 cutting edge
4T3010 cutting edge
4T3013 cutting edge
4T3025 cutting edge
4T3026 cutting edge
4T6505 end bit,R.H
4T6506 end bit,L.H
5D9558 cutting edge
5D9558 cutting edge(3/4″X8″X6’X5/8″X8 HOLE)(CARBON)
5D9559 cutting edge(3/4″X8″X7’X15HOLE)(CARBON))
5D9562 cutting edge(5/8″X8″X6’X13 HOLE)(CARBON)
5D9731 cutting edge
5J1419 end bit
5J1419 end bit, L.H
5J1419 end bit, R.H
5J1419 end bit,R.H
5J1420 end bit
5J1420 end bit, L.H
5J1420 end bit, R.H
5J1420 end bit,L.H
6Y3840 cutting edge
6Y4410 end bit, L.H
6Y4410 end bit,L.H
6Y4411 end bit, R.H
6Y4411 end bit,R.H
7D1158 cutting edge(5/8″X8″X7’X3/4″X15HOLE)(CARBON)
7D1949 cutting edge(3/4″X8″X8’X3/4″X17 HOLE)(BORON)
7J9477 cutting edge
7J9478 cutting edge
7T6589 cutting edge
7T9976 cutting edge
7T9976 cutting edge
8E5529 end bit,MOLDBOARD
8E5531 end bit,MOLDBOARD
8E5531 end bit,MOLDBOARD
8J8980/7D1949/5D9732 cutting edge