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Our History

Serving over 80 countries around the world since 2003

Proudly Providing Quality New/Used Heavy Equipment Parts For Excavators, Bulldozers, Loaders.

Kyotechs (Gz) Machinery Co., Ltd - Company Profile

At 2000, our founder Ally and Mark began his entrepreneurial journey . What started out as an interest in the construction industry soon piqued into a lifelong passion to delve further into the world of machinery.

At the former part of their career, he mainly dealt with the trading of used equipment and spare parts. Mark later went on to represent many world renowned brands of parts and also held the several exclusive distributorships.

In November 2003, our founder created KYOTECHS brand,Registered Kyotechs (Gz) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Years passed and it was only in the early 2010s, Ally and Mark welcomed the revival of the idea yet again upon discovery that China had become home to manufacturers of engines, transmissions and critical hydraulic components. Through their immense expertise and experience in the machinery and spare parts industry, he could identify the quality of the components with ease and was meticulous in his selection of the fine parts that won the trust of many customers

Together with his team of engineers from the R&D department, they studied industry leaders, adopting the best of cutting edge technologies and improved on it.

Having to compete in a market saturated with pioneer brands was no easy feat. But this formula would later see KYOTECHS gain recognition in the Middle East

The new brand of KYUNKOOK of the company was officially incorporated in 2014.

KYOTECHS has since gained market acceptance in over 80 countries across 6 continents, positioning itself as a world-leader in the construction industry.

Experienced Excavator Parts Sales Team

As a company we have collectively over 20 years experience of excavator equipment replacement parts; Ally (Director) has 25 years and Maker (Director) has 21 years experience.

20,000sq ft Excavator Parts Warehouse

Kyotechs (Gz) Machinery Co., Ltd. sell new,used excavator parts or reconditioned excavator parts. Many of the parts with the best quality that we stock are purchased from the same suppliers as the originals.