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2023 Indonesia Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition in Jakarta: a global event leading the future

From September 13 to 16, 2023, Jakarta will usher in the Indonesia Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition, which will be an important gathering of leading companies, professionals and innovators in the global engineering and mining industry. The exhibition will provide participants with an excellent platform to showcase the latest machinery and equipment technology, explore business opportunities and discuss future development directions together.

Exhibition highlights:

Exhibitors from all over the world gather:
The exhibition will attract leading companies in the field of construction machinery and mining machinery from all over the world to showcase their latest mechanical equipment products and solutions. At the same time, GuangZhou Kyotechs Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is honored to participate in it, providing participants with more colorful experiences, and visitors will have the opportunity to see the most cutting-edge technology in the global industry.

Product innovation display:
Exhibitors will showcase innovative construction machinery and mining equipment, including smart excavators, environmentally friendly mining vehicles, and the latest applications of digital technology. Product displays will showcase the future development direction of the industry.

Professional forums and seminars:
A number of professional forums and seminars will be held during the exhibition, inviting industry experts to share experiences and insights. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of current trends, challenges and future opportunities.

Business negotiation and cooperation opportunities:
The exhibition will provide a platform for business negotiations and encourage participants to establish partnerships. It’s an ideal place to share projects, find new clients and strengthen international cooperation. Kyotechs will be committed to developing good partnerships and providing customers with more accessory supply solutions.

Environmental protection and sustainable development:
Emphasizing environmental protection and sustainable development is an important theme of the exhibition. Exhibitors will showcase new equipment and solutions that meet environmental protection standards and promote the development of the industry in a more sustainable direction.

International cooperation and exchange:
As an international exhibition, the Jakarta Indonesia Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition will promote Indonesia to establish closer cooperative relations with the global construction machinery field. Participating international companies will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the Indonesian market and expand their business areas.

Outlook at the end of the exhibition:
After the exhibition, we look forward to the industry moving towards a digital, intelligent and more sustainable future. This event will leave a lasting mark and inspire the future of engineering and mining.

The 2023 Jakarta Indonesia Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition will be a grand event in the industry, providing participants with excellent opportunities to display, learn and cooperate. Guangzhou Kyotechs Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will jointly shape the prosperous future of the engineering and mining industry.